Lou Skelton writes fun, filthy and feelsy gay romance stories from her home in south east London. She particularly enjoys subverting romantic tropes and hetereonormative narratives, but she still loves a good, old-fashioned happy ending.


She has several books in development and is currently working on her first series.


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Send Me One Back?

Eight eclectic tales of erotic gay romance await you in this collection of short stories. Enjoy a wild ride with two strangers on a train and vacation with reunited childhood friends. Join a quest for a secret mountain cabin - where there's only one bed. Experience a supernatural rite of passage in a very unusual location and realise the therapeutic benefits of a threesome. Discover a new religion for some priest kink with a difference. Watch three hot neighbours connect without touch and indulge in a highly lascivious tale of a historical master/servant relationship.


Love, friendship, and more - there's no need to choose. Read them all and find humour and heart in every one.

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Erato: Flash Fiction


A story of mine was chosen by the people behind the New Smut Project for inclusion in their third anthology Erato: Flash Fiction, a collection of erotic flash fiction and prose poetry.


"In Erato, fifty talented writers bring you short, short stories with a diversity of characters and settings—all of them breathtakingly seductive and memorable. Expand your erotic imagination and discover the pleasure different bodies, relationships, and play with language can bring us. From the prehistoric past to newly discovered planets in the far future, characters who are cis, trans, and nonbinary explore their desires, whether gay, straight, lesbian, bi and pan, or ace!

The sexy stories included here feature kinky, creative, and body-positive celebrations of sensuality. Slow seductions and urgent lust are both on offer, with hours of reading pleasure for you to savor one luxurious bite at a time. With flash fiction from experienced storytellers and hot new talent, there's no need to "skip to the good parts" in this collection: every moment will caress the senses and linger in the mind. Escape into their brief but powerful spell for ten minutes before bed, or over your morning cup of coffee, during your bus ride, or as a sweet treat during a break! Share with your partner(s) by reading these lyrical pieces aloud, or indulge on your own."


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The Book of Elis

Two childhood friends are reunited on a family vacation. Elis is self-obsessed, vain, and desperate for attention. Stuck in a Spanish villa alongside him, Ieuan, our diary-writing hero, is drawn into a surprisingly tender romance.


But once the holiday is over, Elis must go back to Brisbane and Ieuan to a rainy village north of Cardiff. Though they remain in touch, Ieuan’s expectations of Elis are low. He is unreliable and immature—soon he’ll tire of the novelty of their relationship and the distance keeping them apart.


Or so he thinks. Because Elis is full of surprises, and Ieuan has to decide how much of his heart he dares to trust him with.


  • holiday romance

  • childhood friends

  • coming of age

  • coming out

  • long distance relationship

  • secret diary

  • setting: contemporary Tenerife, Wales, England, and Australia

  • feel: angsty young men, plenty of feels and longing

  • heat level: high

  • length: 30,000 words

  • stand-alone romance with a Happy For Now ending

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A Very Personal Assistant


 "Alistair's friend and flatmate Liam has just been mugged. Alistair, an unflappable but temporarily unemployed private personal assistant, steps in to make things... better."

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