Lou Skelton

Lou Skelton writes clever and filthy queer erotica from her home in South East London. Lou’s work explores gender, sexuality and power dynamics with humour and heart. As creator of the Dirty Stories Club, Lou writes new short fiction every month based on her readers’ requests and is currently working on her first book.

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Once a month I publish a new fun and dirty queer story on Patreon as part of the Dirty Stories Club collection.


The Dirty Stories Club is place where subscribers can hang out with me, tell me what kind of things they’d like to read, and collectively decide which story gets written each month.


Eventually I plan to bring a few of the best of these stories together into book but until then, you can read all of my stories right now by becoming a patron. And if you’d like to ‘try before you buy’, sign up for my mailing list to receive one completely free!

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I’m very excited to announce that my work has recently been chosen by the people behind the New Smut Project for inclusion in their third anthology Erato: Flash Fiction, a collection of erotic flash fiction and prose poetry.

The aims of the New Smut Project chime very much with my own i.e. to publish high-quality, nuanced dirty stories which are both queer-inclusive and feminist in outlook.

My contribution to this anthology is a story of about 2,000 words and was described by the editors as “clever and fun”. Publication is scheduled for October 2020. You can find out more about Erato on Goodreads and also pre-order it on Gumroad.


Coming soon...

My current project, between writing stories for the Dirty Stories Club, is a series of short novels exploring the developing relationship between the aromantic Alistair, a young self-styled “very personal assistant”, and his employer Rupert, who enjoys nothing more than throwing risqué  weekend parties for all of his “closest friends”.

A romance-without-romance, this series follows the calm and self-assured Alistair as he gets to grips with Rupert’s work, household and complicated sex life. His aim, as always, is to be indispensable — but what will the consequences be for the both of them?


Free fun & filthy story

"A Very Personal Assistant: Alistair's friend and flatmate Liam has just been mugged. Alistair, an unflappable but temporarily unemployed private personal assistant, steps in to make things... better."

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