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"An electrifying variety sampler bundle, packed full of illicit tales of intimacy and desire."

A Goodreads Reader


"I was really impressed on how the stories twist… I’m very glad they all have that “unexpected” factor. Loved it, loved it, loved it!"

An Reader


"This book is spicy and steamy... and really showcased the talent of a new to me author, and I personally cannot wait to read more from Lou."

A Goodreads Reader

Send Me One Back?: eight eclectic stories of gay erotic romance


Each of these eight short stories takes you somewhere new, from sweet friends-to-more romance in a winter cabin to a misbehaving Earl’s private party at the court of Queen Anne. Whether the heat is mild or sizzling, humour and heart are at the centre of every story.


  • The End of the Line — An impeccably-dressed stranger captures Charlie’s attention during his morning commute. A lightly kinky story of longing and leather.

  • Satori — Only one bed alert! Aidan and Dimitris undertake a snowy adventure in the Scottish Highlands and find more than just shelter in a tiny remote cabin.

  • Of Camaraderie and Corruption — In which the Earl of Harley’s servant, Spencer, is led horribly astray by his lord’s friends. Can he escape their clutches and redeem himself? Or is there more to Spencer than meets the eye?

  • Inside Looking Out — A pair of identical high-rise flats, several enormous windows, and some hot, frustrated neighbours. Find some voyeuristic relief during the pandemic summer of 2020.

  • The Price of Admission — Ash agrees to meet his new love interest Omar at a fetish club but spends the night feeling like a fish out of water. Can he find what he’s seeking? An exhibitionist tale with a supernatural twist.

  • Meeting Isaac — Daksh is only too willing to help the terminally-anxious Isaac break out of his shell when asked by sex worker Luis. A therapeutic threesome told in three parts.

  • Devotions — Follow Benjamin as he enters an all-male religious order and enjoy some priest kink with a difference. For those in the Brotherhood, worship takes an unlikely form and Benjamin must learn to play his part correctly.

  • Send Me One Back — Two childhood friends are reunited on a family vacation. Elis is self-obsessed, vain, and desperate for attention. Stuck in a Spanish villa alongside him, our diary-writing hero is drawn into a surprisingly tender romance.


Heat level: low to very high

Feel: fun, upbeat, occasional angst, lots of feels

Length: 40,000 words

Endings HFN or Soft Cliffhangers, some non-traditional


Read with confidence — find a complete list of content warnings here

Erato: Flash Fiction

A story of mine was chosen by the people behind the New Smut Project for inclusion in their third anthology Erato: Flash Fiction, a collection of erotic flash fiction and prose poetry. Described by the editors as “clever and fun”, His Right Hand is set in the same ‘verse as my free short story giveaway and depicts the rather unconventional working relationship that personal assistant Alistair has with his employer.


“In Erato, fifty talented writers bring you short, short stories with a diversity of characters and settings—all of them breathtakingly seductive and memorable. Expand your erotic imagination and discover the pleasure different bodies, relationships, and play with language can bring us. From the prehistoric past to newly discovered planets in the far future, characters who are cis, trans, and nonbinary explore their desires, whether gay, straight, lesbian, bi and pan, or ace!”

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