Content Advisory

Send Me One Back?: eight eclectic stories of gay erotic romance

Readers should be advised that this book contains sexually explicit content and is not suitable for those under 18. The stories vary in topic and theme but all feature consenting adults. Most contain graphic sex scenes and a few contain several.

I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable after reading my work. Specific topics and themes that some readers may wish to avoid are detailed below. 

The End of the Line: voyeurism, public sex, sex with a stranger

Satori: depression, mentions of grief and bereavement,  happy for now (HFN) ending

Of Camaraderie and Corruption: apparent dubious consent, apparent coercion, master/servant relationship, threesome/group sex, minor humiliation, corruption of an innocent trope, themes of domination and revenge, HFN ending

Inside Looking Out: set during the coronavirus pandemic, voyeurism, exhibitionism, semi-public sex, threesome

The Price of Admission: supernatural elements, voyeurism, some dubious consent, memory loss, HFN ending

Meeting Isaac: character engaged in sex work, threesome, anxiety, self-esteem issues, discussion around shame (especially in relation to sex), HFN ending

Devotions: fantasy setting with a fictional religious order where sex is part of worship, themes of chastity, D/s dynamics

Send Me One Back: mention of non-consensual photo sharing (not of the main characters)